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Beyond #1

Beyond – new series and new approach

I’m always looking for new ways of creating images and expanding my perception pf photography.  Recently I’ve been looking for ways to create images that encompass formats and techniques that span the history of photography.  The Beyond series is a new approach to image making for me.  The images in the series are comprised of […]

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Alternative Process Prints – Affordable Original Art

Here is the gallery of images offered.

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Exibiting in CPAC’s 2014 Annual Members Show

One of my images was chosen for CPAC’s 2014 Annual Members Show. 65 images by 57 photographers were chosen by juror Mark Sink from more than 450 images submitted by 90 members of CPAC for the show.  http://www.cpacphoto.org/2014/05/2014-members-show The image is part of a larger series of surrealistic images based on the persistence of dreams.  […]

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Does the World Need Another Pretty Picture?

Over the years I have struggled immensely with what the value and purpose of my photography should be.  The simple road would be to create pretty or trendy pictures that appealed to the masses.  Marketing savvy would be paramount to skill, technique or vision along this route.  Money, fame, adoration, at least among your social […]

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Random Colorado Location #14 Omega

Omega is one of those places that you really have to question why they are still on the map.  Unfortunately Omega has long been a victim of urban sprawl and swallowed by Ft Collins.  Other than a neighborhood reference in real estate listings nothing appears to remain of Omega. The only thing I found to […]

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Random Colorado Location #13 Sinnard

Sinnard is or was a small rail stop north of Ft Collins, Colorado along I-25.  Not much exists there today and what does is modern.  There is a livestock auction house and a hardware store but other than that there isn’t much reason one would visit today.   Pinhole images looking west looking east Rollicord […]

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Random Colorado Location #12 Greeley

I had only been to Greeley one time before this trip.  It’s the largest city in Colorado that is not located along the interstate.  Apparently Greeley didn’t want to lose the agricultural land and chose not to have the interstate run near it.  The agricultural influence is evident everywhere.   The Greeley Elevator is located […]

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Random Colorado Location #11 Crescent Village

Crescent Village is the least interesting of the random places that I have visited so far.  Basically it’s a newer housing development in the mountains off highway 72.  The area is nice but lacked any indication of a long or interesting history.  Much of the canyon that highway 72 runs through was damaged by the […]

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Random Colorado Location #10 Hessie, CO

Hessie, CO is basically a ghost town with a few buildings remaining.   Located west of Eldora and near Nederland, CO it sits at the bottom of  a valley, across from Eldora ski area, were two streams meet.  It was settled as a mining camp in the late 1800′s and named after the founder’s wife.  The […]

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Random Colorado Location #9 Central City

I’ve been to and photographed Central City many times since 1999.  I even exhibit my artwork at a local gallery.  When I first visited there were several small casinos and most of the buildings were occupied.  Over the years many of the casinos closed or were replaced with larger ones and the vacancy rates increased.  […]

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