Colorado River Reflections

Colorado River Reflections This is one of those images where the stars seem to align and something magical happens.  I was traveling west of Moab heading toward Potash along the Colorado River.  I had planned to photograph Jug Handle Arch and some petroglyphs in the early morning light.  While I was winding through the canyon […]


Clouds and Dreams

Clouds and Dreams This is one of those images that can never be recreated.  The reason being is the purely random pattern of the clouds.  The landscape itself hasn’t changed for hundreds if not thousands of years but the sky is always changing.   Creating images like this involves embracing the change and working with […]

Sands and Rails

Sands and Rails

Sands and Rails   Few things have had as big of an impact on the American West as have railroads.  In many ways they have defined the west.  Countless towns and cities owe their existence to the rail roads.  Today they have lost the importance that they one had but they still make me wonder.  […]