Beyond – new series and new approach

Beyond #1

I’m always looking for new ways of creating images and expanding my perception pf photography.  Recently I’ve been looking for ways to create images that encompass formats and techniques that span the history of photography.  The Beyond series is a new approach to image making for me.  The images in the series are comprised of 4×5 negatives taken with a pinhole camera and mixed with elements taken with a variety of digital cameras. The formats range from the early days of photography to the latest technology.  The elements of the images themselves were sometimes taken years and thousands of mile apart transcending space and time.

The images portray a surreal land that exists beyond the normal perception of time and space.  At first glance the land appears real and believable.  Upon closer inspection the viewer will quickly notice something amiss with the image.  In reality everything in the image is real.  Things just didn’t exist the way they are depicted in the same time and space.

Here are some scans of 8×10 Archival Pigment prints on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper.

Hathaway-Marc_Beyond-1_pigment  Beyond #1

Hathaway-Marc_Beyond-2_pigment  Beyond #2

Hathaway-Marc_Beyond-3_pigment  Beyond #3

beyond-4  Beyond #4

beyond-5  Beyond #5

beyond-6  Beyond #6

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