Random Colorado Lacation #2 Rosita


Not much is left of the old Rosita.  It was a small mining town near Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, west of Pueblo.  The mines stopped producing after a few years and the people moved on.  Today there are new houses scattered around the beautiful but remote area.

_MG_1243w  Along the road to Rosita

rosita1w  The only older looking building left in Rosita, taken with the 4×5 pinhole camera

img651w img648w img646w  Old foundations, taken with the Rolliecord

img657w img656w img654w img653w img652w img650w  Rosita Cemetery, taken with the Rolliecord

I was struck by how many people had died at such a young age in Rosita.  Considering how remote the area is today, in the late 1800′s getting timely medical care must have been nearly impossible.  I wasn’t able to find out if the deaths were from disease, mining accidents, fires or foul play.  Most of the death’s were between 1879 and 1882 in the old part of the cemetery.


On the way to Rosita I made a side trip to Bishops Castle.  It’s worth seeing if you are ever in the area.  This is the 46th year of construction.


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