Random Colorado Location #1 Penrose


The first of the 25 random locations I visited was Penrose, CO.  Penrose is a small town near Canon City, southwest of Colorado Springs.  There isn’t much to see in Penrose unless you like junk.  It seemed everyone had their own junkyard.  Some of them were actually organized collections of old thinks like tractors and farm implements and were interesting to look at.  It’s worth a drive through if you are in the area.

It’s home to the world’s largest rocking chair.


chair1w  This happens to be my first ever pinhole image.


img635w  Old truck taken with the Rolliecord.

img634w  In Penrose, taken with the Rolliecord.  I found the marijuana shop in the old building interesting.  A sign of the times in the boom and bust history of Colorado.

farm1w  Abandoned farm, taken with the 4×5 pinhole camera.


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