Random Colorado Location #10 Hessie, CO


Hessie, CO is basically a ghost town with a few buildings remaining.   Located west of Eldora and near Nederland, CO it sits at the bottom of  a valley, across from Eldora ski area, were two streams meet.  It was settled as a mining camp in the late 1800′s and named after the founder’s wife.  The town lasted a short time which is quite common for mining towns.  Today it serves as a trailhead for some popular hiking trails.

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My trip to Hessie was a bit of an adventure.  I was expecting a short hike, 1/2 mile tops, on a warm and sunny day.  It was warm and sunny but very windy.  There was also about 3 or 4 feet of snow that I wasn’t counting on.  Unfortunately about a mile of the road was closed that I didn’t know about before I grabbed my gear and and headed out.   My half mile hike turned into 2.5 miles in snow.  I got a little wet from sinking waist deep in a few places but otherwise it wasn’t to bad.  I imagine it’s a great place to hike in the summer.


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