Random Colorado Location #12 Greeley


I had only been to Greeley one time before this trip.  It’s the largest city in Colorado that is not located along the interstate.  Apparently Greeley didn’t want to lose the agricultural land and chose not to have the interstate run near it.  The agricultural influence is evident everywhere.

_MG_2800w  The Greeley Elevator is located a couple of blocks from downtown.


Greeley has a long history in Colorado.  It was established in 1869 as a utopian community based on seven principals faith, family, education, irrigation, temperance, agriculture, home.  Greeley became a city in 1889.


These are the pinhole images from Greeley:

816817w  Weld County Courthouse

800801w  Rail Station

808809w  old service station

810811w  old passenger rail cars



Some images taken with the Rollicord:

img829w img830w img831w img832w

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