Random Colorado Location #9 Central City


I’ve been to and photographed Central City many times since 1999.  I even exhibit my artwork at a local gallery.  When I first visited there were several small casinos and most of the buildings were occupied.  Over the years many of the casinos closed or were replaced with larger ones and the vacancy rates increased.  Things seem to be a little better now but it’s a tail this city has seen throughout its existence.

At one time, during the gold mining boom, Central City was the richest place in the US.  Many buildings were built from stone, including the Opera House.  It must have been something to see back in it’s heyday.  Overall the city has done a good job preserving the old buildings and it’s overall character.

766767-Editw 768769w  4×5 Pinhole


These are some images I took with a Holga medium format camera last summer.

img516w img517w img518w img519w img520w img522w img523w img524w img525w img526w img527w img528w img529w




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