Random Colorado Project


For many years now I have been contemplating a project involving traveling to random places in the US and photographing them.  This came about in part from growing tired of seeing the same landscape images over and over again.  It’s also rooted in my love of travel and adventure.  Early in 2014 I happened to stop in Louviers, CO  in hopes of photographing the sunset.  What I discovered was a little town with a long history that few knew about.

After thinking about it for a few weeks I came up with the idea of selecting some random locations in Colorado and seeing what I could find.  I grabbed my atlas and counted all the place names and then used a random number generator to select 25 numbers.  I cross referenced the numbers with the place names and came up with the 25 locations.

In March of 2014 I began traveling to the locations to see what I could find out about them and photograph them.  I decided to use a variety of cameras for the project, 4×5 pinhole, medium format Rollicord, 4×5 Speed Grafic and dslr.  Ultimately I intend to have a series of images taken with the pinhole camera to represent the locations I visited.  The other images will primarily be used to tell the story of the locations I visit and my adventure.

IMG_3405w  The 4×5 pinhole camera that I’ll be using for the project.


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