Random Colorado Location#5 El Moro

El Moro is a small town east of Trinidad.  According to one of the local residents it was a major railroad stop and larger than Trinidad in its heyday.  Today little is left of its old glory.  The rail line moved west to Trinidad as did most of the trade along the Old Santa Fe […]


Random Colorado Location #4 Valdez

Valdez is an old mining town on the other side of the pass from Three Bridges and west of Trinidad on CO 160.  At one time the railroad seemed to have played an important part in Valdez.  Many of the old buildings are along an old railroad bed who’s tracks have long been removed.  Valdez […]


Random Colorado Location #3 Three Bridges

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything out about Three Bridges.  It really makes me wonder why it is still on the map and what it was originally.   It is and or was located on the Highway of Legends, CO 160 a few miles past La Veta.  The highway is a great drive, when it […]


Random Colorado Lacation #2 Rosita

Not much is left of the old Rosita.  It was a small mining town near Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, west of Pueblo.  The mines stopped producing after a few years and the people moved on.  Today there are new houses scattered around the beautiful but remote area.   Along the road to Rosita   The […]


Random Colorado Location #1 Penrose

The first of the 25 random locations I visited was Penrose, CO.  Penrose is a small town near Canon City, southwest of Colorado Springs.  There isn’t much to see in Penrose unless you like junk.  It seemed everyone had their own junkyard.  Some of them were actually organized collections of old thinks like tractors and […]


Random Colorado Project

For many years now I have been contemplating a project involving traveling to random places in the US and photographing them.  This came about in part from growing tired of seeing the same landscape images over and over again.  It’s also rooted in my love of travel and adventure.  Early in 2014 I happened to […]


Sunset Sandstorm

Sunset Sandstorm This was on of the most surreal experiences of my life.  I was in the desert surrounded by  white sand.  It was freezing out and the wind was gusting upwards of 50 mph creating a sandstorm.  The conditions and white sand made it feel like I was in a blizzard surrounded by snow.  […]


Colorado River Reflections

Colorado River Reflections This is one of those images where the stars seem to align and something magical happens.  I was traveling west of Moab heading toward Potash along the Colorado River.  I had planned to photograph Jug Handle Arch and some petroglyphs in the early morning light.  While I was winding through the canyon […]


Clouds and Dreams

Clouds and Dreams This is one of those images that can never be recreated.  The reason being is the purely random pattern of the clouds.  The landscape itself hasn’t changed for hundreds if not thousands of years but the sky is always changing.   Creating images like this involves embracing the change and working with […]

Sands and Rails

Sands and Rails

Sands and Rails   Few things have had as big of an impact on the American West as have railroads.  In many ways they have defined the west.  Countless towns and cities owe their existence to the rail roads.  Today they have lost the importance that they one had but they still make me wonder.  […]