Beyond #1

Beyond – new series and new approach

I’m always looking for new ways of creating images and expanding my perception pf photography.  Recently I’ve been looking for ways to create images that encompass formats and techniques that span the history of photography.  The Beyond series is a new approach to image making for me.  The images in the series are comprised of […]


Exibiting in CPAC’s 2014 Annual Members Show

One of my images was chosen for CPAC’s 2014 Annual Members Show. 65 images by 57 photographers were chosen by juror Mark Sink from more than 450 images submitted by 90 members of CPAC for the show. The image is part of a larger series of surrealistic images based on the persistence of dreams.  […]


Art vs. Documentary Photography

Fajada Moon There are frequent arguments about what constitutes art.  These arguments often appear to be too common in photography circles.  Many people believe that photographic images should not be manipulated at all.  The correct and proper image is the one straight out of the camera, “get it right in the camera”, is often heard.  […]