I was in the process of photographing some ancient ruins near Abiquiu, NM when I discovered this skull.   I was drawn to the similarity of the cracks in the bone and the cracked earth around it.  The light was harsh but it accentuated the harshness of land and created an interesting hard shadow.  The sparse […]

Last Note

Last Note

  Trees have always been an interest to me.  They have played such a significant role in my life that I’m constantly drawn to them.  After a longer and somewhat more difficult than expected hike up Music Pass, I came upon this tree or at least what was left of it.  Instantly I knew that […]


black-white-west a new photography project by Marc Hathaway

Recently I started a new project exploring the American west.  Having lived in the West fro nearly 15 years now I’m still in awe of the vast diversity and beauty of the land.  My intent with black-white-west is to explore the lessor known and traveled areas of the West and try and capture what it […]